Tumbled Selenite

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Selenite Is A Beautiful Moonlight Stone. 
it’s Color Is Soothing And Calming To Ones Spirit.
This Stone Is Ideal For Clearing Any Congested Energies Or Negativity From A Person Or Space. 

Selenite Is Also Referred To As, “Liquid Light” Among Crystal Connoisseurs, Selenite Is Known For Its Powerful Healing And Energizing Properties. It's Actually One Of The Few Crystals Believed To Be Able To Cleanse Other Crystals And Is Named After The Greek Moon Goddess, Selene, Thus Associating It With Lunar Cycles And The Divine Feminine.


Selenite Is Also Known To 

✨ Bring Clarity Of Mind

✨Cleanse And Charge Other Crystals 

✨Protective, Shielding One From Outside Influences

✨Great For Fertility 

✨ Strengthens Your Spiritual Connection To Source

✨Can Be Placed Near Door To Attract Positivity And Opportunities 


**Includes 2 Stones