Tigers Eye (Diamond Cut)

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Tantalizing with its shimmering golden hues, the Golden Tiger Eye is rich in healing properties and brings a bounty of benefits to the body, mind, and soul. This stone is all about balance and making sure that you stay stable and upright without veering into the extreme. This doesn’t mean that the Golden Tiger Eye is passive. It’s meaning runs deeper, it takes your fight and flight into account and works with your natural flow. If you need a dose of confidence, courage, or calmness, Golden Tiger Eye helps you to navigate your way through any conflict.

The Golden Tiger Eye is an incredible stone for hardworking folk as this is a stone that encourages you to hold on to what you have earnt. Just like the tiger who tracks its prey, it reminds you not to give up your prize, but to stand firm and proud with the rewards that should be coming your way. It’s an active stone, it encourages you to spin those dreams from fantasy into a reality. 

*1 Bracelet Included