Tigers Eye Barrel Bracelet

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Tiger’s 🐅 Eye Brings Sharpness To Your Inner Vision, And Better Insight👁 Into The Cause And Effect Of Any Situation. Tigers Eye Is A Grounding Stone, Correlating To The Solar Plexus Chakra. 🧘‍♀️ Some Of The Many Benefits Of Tigers 🐅 Eye

✨ Encourages Wise Use Of Personal Power

✨ Improves Your Ability To Assert Yourself

 ✨Inspires Creativity When It Comes To Creating And Growing Wealth

✨Keeps You Calm And Courageous, And Focused To Persevere

✨  Stabilizes Mood Swings

✨Brings Good Luck 🍀 And Wards Off Evil 👿 Doings 


✨✨Wearing Crystal Jewlery Promotes Physical, Emotional And Spiritual Healing. Crystals Do This By Interacting With Your Bodies Energetic Field/Chakras✨✨