Selenite Tall Towers

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Selenite is a protective stone that can help keep the negative energies away. It dispels all negative energy from your body and environment bringing a sense of calm, mental clarity, free flowing and positive energy.

Selenite is a wonderful crystal to help you quiet your mind and give you mental clarity. It has a grounding energy that helps to draw your focus into the here and now.y

✨Selenite Cleanses The Energy And Charges Other Crystals. You Can Place Your Other Crystals On Or Nearby And Even Place Objects On It Such As Your Crystal Bracelets. 

✨Use During Mediations. Hold your selenite tower in your hand and let this calming stone install deep peace. Allow it to cleanse your mind, body and soul.

Protect Your Space. Place a Selenite Tower in each corner of your space to create a peaceful and safe environment to shield away negative energy or outside influences. At Home Or At Work. 

Place On Nightstand By Your Bed. Connecting with selenite cyrstal and having it in your space before you go to sleep each night puts you in that calm, clear state, programming your mind and body a peaceful night’s sleep.


 ***1 Tower Included Approximately 10-12 Inches