Red Brick Dust Mix

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3 Ingredient Red Brick 🧱 Dust Mixture As A Barrier Of Protection 

No One Who Means You Harm Can Cross The Line You Place Down With Red Brick Dust. 

Sea Salt Is Known For Its Ability To Absorb Negatively & Repels Evil Spirits. Purifies & Removes Stagnant Energy. 

Saltpeter Is Used To Remove Curses, Hexes & Uncross Crossed Conditions. 

Red brick dust is an old hoodoo trick used to spiritually fortify one’s home, bring in prosperity, and more. The name gives it away – “red brick dust” – it is literally dust made from red bricks. This old conjure trick’s legend is said to have started in New Orleans in the French Quarter. Voodoo priestesses like Marie Laveau used red brick dust to protect their homes, businesses and places of magical practice. 

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