Self- Love Bath Tea

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✨Ancient Egyptians✨ Used The Word “NEFER” As A Word To Symbolize Beauty 💕And Goodness. The Exact Translation Today 📅 Is “Beautiful On The Inside And Out” ✨Which Is Exactly The Way This Soak 🛁 Will Make You Feel! 🥰🥰🥰

✨Our Bath Tea Soak Draws In The Energy Of Affection, Compassion, Understanding, Beauty, Strength, Longing, Desire And Genuine Love.


Infused With Charged Rose 🌹 Quartz To Give The Vibration Of Love And Skin Loving 🥰 Enchanted Herbs Such As 🌹 Rose, Calendula, Chamomile And 🪴Comfrey To Name A Few, Along With Nourishing Essential Oils, Your Skin Will Thank You!

The Vibration And Energy ✨Of This Bath Tea Is Amazing. 🥰 It Promotes Self Love For You, Love And Compassion For Others, Healthy Relationships, Marriages And Unions.


Our Neter Bath 🛀 Tea Also
✨Stimulates Circulation
✨Relaxes The Body And Spirit
✨Comforts The Skin
✨Draws Out Toxins
✨Tones Skin
✨Softens Skin
✨And Leaves Your Energy On High Vibrating Self Love

***Shower Before Your Soak To Rid Your Body Of Dirt And Any Unwanted Energies.
Then Run A Warm/Hot Bath And Allow Your Bath Tea To Seep.
Read A Book, Listen To Relaxing Music, Or Sit In Silence And Vibrate Higher 🛀✨
Your Body And Spirit Needs This ✨


Handmade With Love & Pure Positive Vibrations 


Includes Rose Quartz Crystals