Mental Clarity Bracelet Set

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✨✨✨Crystals For Mental Clarity ✨✨✨

Tigers Eye- Stone Of the Mind. Clarity, Focus & Willpower. 

Prehnite - Enhances Intuition & Inner Knowing 

Clear Quartz For Clear Thinking, Focus & concentration 

Amethyst - Balancing, Healing & Limits Spiral Thinking

Black Obsidian - Good For Cord Cutting & Processing Emotions 

Hematite - Grounds Mind & Body. Clears Confusion. 

Sodalite - Stone Of Logic. Clears Mind. 

 Lapis Lazuli - Strengthens Intuition, Insight And Communication 

Harness The Energy Of These Healing Crystals To Help You During Times Of Mental Blocks, Confusion Or Attacks.  Wear Them Separately Or Together. 

*Includes (8) 8MM Bracelets