Malachite Beaded Bracelet 8MM

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Malachite 🟢Has Soo Many Healing Benefits To the Wearer. It’s A Guardian Of The Heart, Healer👩🏽‍⚕️ of Bones, Torn Muscles And Problems With The Joints As Well As Neutralizes Blood Pressure And Protects 🛡 One From The Flow Of Toxic Nenergy. Malachite Encourages The Release Of Old Traumas And Patterns And To Step 🦵 Outside Your Comfort Zone. 

Malachite Has Strong 💪 Feminine ❤️Energy✨, Which Lends A Hand To Menstrual Problems Such As Cramps And Assists The Body To Flow Better When Dealing With Labor Pains. Malachite Helps Diminish🗡Fears. It’s The Perfect Stone For Travelers ✈️ , As It Helps With The Fear Of Flying ✈️And Travel 🧳 Sickness. 

Malachite, the most popular anti-anxiety stone, soothes you during times of emotional stress. It’s the ultimate crystal for a worry-free mind.

Rare in jewelry, yet extremely powerful, Malachite balances your emotions by removing negative thoughts from the mind. Working on the heart chakra, it cleanses deep and apprehensive feelings in order to build confidence. Malachite is known as the stone of transformation; it protects and supports you through stressful changes.

Release anxiety and relax.



✨✨Wearing Crystal Jewlery Promotes Physical, Emotional And Spiritual Healing. Crystals Do This By Interacting With Your Bodies Energetic Field/Chakras✨✨