Green Feng Shui Lucky Frog

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The feng shui money frog, better known as the three-legged toad, is a popular Chinese symbol that is used as a feng shui adjustment to attract wealth and prosperity. The three-legged toad is also connected to long life and good luck. As one of the more traditional feng shui cures, the three-legged toad is most often used to bring in more financial abundance.

According to tradition, frogs have traditionally been animals that bring good luck. According to legend, the origin of this tradition came because frogs are found near water, which is essential to survival. The presence of a frog always indicated life-saving water was near, turning the animals into symbols of luck.

Be sure to activate the Feng Shui frog figurines when placing them at home. This will ensure the lucky frog attracts wealth and positive energies. To activate a lucky frog, tie a red ribbon and place a coin in its mouth.