Goloka Fancy Incense

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A combination of herbs and resin, flowers and honey and fragrant oils make wonderfully scented Goloka aromas. A single incense stick has a burning time of on average 30-40 minutes. This incense also has tulasi / tulsi as a basis. Tulsi is also known as holy basil and is immensely popular in India and valuable because of its medicinal properties. These are analgesic and anti-inflammatory and for that reason are often used as an antibiotic.

Here and in other parts of Asia, incense has been used for thousands of years for meditation, as a cleansing- or morning ritual, for marking an event or creating a divine or fresh aura. A blend of natural ingredients became the basis for spicy, fresh, floral, wooden, powdery or sweet scents as almost transcendental odors. Decorate your house now with personally chosen divine fragrances.