Go Away Evil Fixed Candle

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Our 7 Day Go Away Evil Candle is perfect for those seeking to cleanse their space of sinister forces and negative energy. Will aid in providing spiritual protection as well as guard against negative influences and intentions from those who wish you harm. Ideal for anyone looking to promote positivity, peace, and harmony in their surroundings or if you feel as though you’re bombarded with unwanted energy. 


Candles emit light, which in turn carries our energy and projections into the world to manifest into reality.

Fixed with prayer, Herbs & Oils which Vary depending on the specific intention.

All fixed candles are fixed to order. All candles come with instructions on how to use at your own altar or sacred space.

(1) 7-day fixed candle included with instructions

Keep Candle in a safe place where it can burn constantly until it is finished. Light the candle and speak your petition and prayers. 

***Recommended Suggestion: Take A Spiritual Bath Prior To Beginning Your Candle Ritual To Ensure That You Are Free From Negative Energy. This Is Recommended To Get A Better Result In Your Candle Working.***


*Pairs well with Go Away evil incense