Good Vibes Energy Clearing Mist

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Cleansing 💨And Clearing Yourself Of Negative Vibes Is Like Creating A Blank Energetic Canvas 🎨 To Invite Positive Vibrations. 🧘🏾‍♀️✨You Can Do This In A Couple Of Ways, Our Energy Clearing Mist Is☝🏾Of Them. It’s BASICALLY SMOKELESS SAGE ✨It’s Ideal For Those Who Want The Benefits✅ Of Smudging To Clear Energy Without The Strong Smell. Our Spray 💦Is Very Light✨, Super Refreshing And 🔮Crystal Infused.

You’ll Get The Benefits Of Various Herbs 🪴, Spiritual 💦 Waters , Crystals🔮 & Other Ingredients That Will Help You Clear Your Space Energetically. One Being Vrinda Blue Which Is Used To Absorb Negative Energy, Protect Against The Evil Eye, Attract Luck 🍀 And Raise ⬆️Spiritual Vibrations ✨

Great For Your Workspace 🏢, Car 🚘 , Home 🏠 Or Anywhere Smoke 💨 Is Not 🙅🏾‍♀️ Allowed Or Tolerated. Use When You Need To Clear 💨The Air After An Argument, Feel Emotionally Drained Or Need To Clear Any Heavy Energies. Grab One Today❕🧿✨

These Sprays Are Included With Each Good Energy & Manifestation Kit & Also Sold Separately ✨🧿🧿✨


4oz Each Bottle