Crystals for Divine Feminine Energy

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The Divine Feminine is an energy, which means she cannot be seen or heard, but she can be FELT.

Divine Feminine encompasses intuition, nurturing, healing, gentleness, expression, wisdom, patience, emotions, and flexibility. Tap Into Your divine feminine Energy With these high vibrational bracelets that are sure to raise your frequency. 

Clear Quartz - Master Healer, Amplifies Energy

Labradorite - Transforms InnerSelf, Creates A Shield, Protects Against Negativity

Moonstone- Enhances Intuition, Relaxes Aura, Gives Off Sensual Feminine Energy  

Green Aventurine - Soothing, Prosperity & Luck 

Aura Quartz- Raises Vibration, Spreads Bliss, Brings Peace, Joy And Positive Vibrations 

Rose Quartz - Boosts Feelings Of Self Love, Joy, Abundance And Love, Deep Feminine Energy 

Amethyst- Healing, Calming, Enhances Spiritual Connection & Intuition, Clarity, Releases Negative Energy

Angel Aura Quartz - Master Healing, Clears limiting beliefs Brings the body into balance and calm, Increases daily energy, Emotionally and mentally heals when overwhelmed by intense negative emotions 

Selenite - Cleanses And Recharges All Crystals, promotes peace and calm, provides clarity, clears blocked energy, elevates the spirit, helps you access your intuition.

 Opalite - Clears Mind, Increases Energy, Heals Emotions 

***10 Bracelets Included, Shapes And Forms Of Bracelets Are Subject To Variations