Chango Macho Fixed 7 Day Candle

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Our 7 Day Chango Macho candle is used to evoke the great power of the Spirit of Good Luck and the Orisha Shango. Changos traits are one of a warrior deity, he fights battles on your behalf, known for his strength and power. This candle is ideal to use if you are having a hard time and need the assistance of this great warrior spirit to assist you in gaining victory over your situation. 

***This candle is to be burned safely at your altar or sacred space for a total of 5-7 days.

The burning of candles is a sacred practice. A lit candle not only brings forth light, it also gives reverence as well as allows one to gain spiritual insight, spiritual assistance or influence a situation. 

Each candle is throughly baptized in spiritual waters, smoke cleansed and blessed. Each candle is fixed with the appropriate oils and herbal blends to get THE WORK DONE depending on the specific intention. Each Fixed Candle is its own ritual that requires focus, discipline, and consistency. Treat them with reverence.

All candles are fixed to order and include instructions on how to use at your altar/sacred space. 

Remember, keep your candle in a safe space, free from heavy air drafts to avoid a potential hazard. Its recommended to keep your candle lit for the duration of the candle working to not have any interruptions in your work.

 With a sincere heart, light and speak to your candle, your petition and prayers. 

***Recommended Suggestion: Take A Spiritual Bath Prior To Beginning Your Candle Ritual To Ensure That You Are Free From Negative Energy. This Is Recommended To Get A Better Result In Your Candle Working.***

*Pairs well with Protection or John The Conqueror Incense.