Chakra Candes

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Choose One Of Our 7 Day Chakra Candles Or Buy Them All! Each Candle Represents One Of The 7 Chakras, or Energetic Fields Located Within The Body. Choose Which Chakra You're Looking To Open. If You Have Problems With Speaking Up For Yourself For Example, You Can Choose Our Throat Chakra Candle To Assist You With The Intention Of Speaking Up For Yourself And Communicating Correctly.

Each Of Our Candles Come With A Crystal Correlating To The Chakra You're Looking To Open To Help You Further Release Any Blockages You Maybe Dealing With. 


Root Chakra- Scented With Cedar And Clove

Sacral Chakra -Scented With Ylang-Ylang And Sandalwood

Solar Plexus -Chakra Scented With Lavender And Rosemary

Heart Chakra- Scented With Rose And Geranium 

Throat Chakra- Scented With Neroli And Sage

Third Eye Chakra -Scented With Jasmine and Velvetier 

Crown Chakra - Scented With Frankincense

Third Chakra - Scented With Jasmine