Azabache Infant Bracelet

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The real significance of the Azabache is not that it is also referred to as Jet or that it is an actual gem from the decomposition of wood from millions of years in the past and is over 150 million years old, but rather its protective nature considered as an amulet in today’s current society. Popular in the Cuban culture, it has been primarily used on infants to protect from the evil eye, envy, jealousy, and negative energy.

Powerful in its significant tradition, infants have evolved into current time and continue to wear the protective gem into adulthood not only for spiritual protection but a constant reminder of one’s past and the traditions handed down by generations before us. The “mal de ojo” which is considered a curse cast by someone with a malevolent stare is the primary purpose of adorning oneself with an azabache. Tradition has it the azabache will absorb the energy dispersed from the evil eye and sometimes will physically crack into pieces in its inherent nature to protect the wearer form such negative energy.