White Quartz Bracelet 8MM

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White quartz is the stone of master healing. This means that it has a heightened capacity to deal with disorders of all kinds. For example, physical ailments or spiritual maladies. White quartz helps people by absorbing negativity and disease-causing energies. It also helps release them into the environment.
This crystal is particularly useful in neutralizing different kinds of evil energies. Especially those who come from envy or jealousy of your success. White quartz is also helpful in cleansing a radiation-filled environment. Both natural and human-made, from devices.
White quartz can perform the cleansing effect. It helps remove toxins and disease from all the organs. It also benefits the subtle bodies. It improves your connection with your True Self or Inner Self. If you have trouble with memory or creative thinking, white quartz can help to unlock your mind and improve your cognate capacities.
*1 8mm bracelet