Smudging Variety Box 💗

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💗💗💗Smudge Variety Box 💗💗💗

✨Yerba Santa - Protection, Boundaries, Healing, Growth

✨Cedar - Drives Out Negative And Old Energy And Attracts Positive Energy

✨Desert Sage- Cleansing, Purifying, Protection And Inner Strength

✨Chakra Sage- Ideal For Purification Rituals And Cleansing Aura

✨Juniper - Protection, Cleansing, Prosperity, New Ventures

✨White Sage - Banishes Negative Energy, Cleanses & Offers Protection And Blessings To Anything The Smoke Touches

✨White Sage & Rose - Cleanses And Invites Love Opening The Heart Chakra

✨Palo Santo - Eliminates Negative Energy, Relaxes, Promotes Positive Vibes, Sweet Woody🪵 Aroma

Includes 6 Palo Santo Sticks And 1 Of Each Smudge Bundle