Smudge Kit

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Needing To Cleanse Yourself Energetically? You Feel Drained, Uncertain Or Uneasy? Stagnant Energy? You May Need To Smudge Yourself Or Your Personal Space. 

•Dried Sage Leaves 🍃 Help Rid You And Spaces Of Negative Energy.

•Palo Santo 🪵 Brings Forth Good Luck, Good Fortune 💰 And Welcomes Positive Energy

•Sweetgrass Attracts Good Energy & Positive Vibrations

•Clear Quartz Is A Healing Stone That Can Restore & Balance Energies As Well As Your Chakras. 🧘🏾‍♀️ It Amplifies The Energy Of Any Stone It Touches, Making It The Perfect Stone To Work With At All Times. Carry This Stone With You After Smudging To Keep Your Energy Clear. ✨


Includes 2 Smudge Sticks, 2 Palo Sticks, Abalone Shell, SweetGrass, Raw Or Tumbled Crystal, Sage Incense Smudging Instructions And Affirmation Card✨