Raw Pyrite Pieces

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✨✨✨Raw Pyrite ✨✨✨


Pyrite Is A VERY Powerful Stone. It Shields You From Negative Energy, Deflects Harm And Danger, Strengthens Confidence And Attracts Money & Prosperity.

Real Crystal Connoisseurs KNOW That Pyrite Is A MUST HAVE In Your Arsenal 🧿✨🔮

It’s The Perfect Crystal For Your Office Or Workspace Because It’s The ULTIMATE Symbol Of Wealth And Good Luck.

Pyrite Is Also Known As “Fools Gold” Because Of It’s Shimmery Golden Hue Resembling A Real Gold Nugget.

Pyrite Helps You Harness The Energy Of

✨Boosts Willpower
✨Attracts Abundance, Prosperity And Success
✨Helps With Persistence
✨Protects Against Physical Harm
✨Shields Negative Energies
✨Attracts Money & Good Luck
✨Radiates Optimistic And Cheerful Energies
✨Grounding Stone


Includes 2 Small Pieces