Manifestation Kit

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Our Manifestation Kit Will Have You "Where The Money Resides"

This Bundle Is Filled With Various Items To Help Harness The Power of Your Subconscious Mind To Help You More Easily Attract Prosperity And Success Into Your Life. 🪄

Our Kit Includes So Many Goodies! 🥰

One Being Our Ancient Alignment Intention Oil Which Was Created With Big Money Energy During The Perfect Moon Phase. Our Intention Oil Is Packed With Herbs, Essentials Oils And Prosperity Attracting Crystals And Other Ingredients To Help You Attract Good Fortune, Money, Luck, Prosperity And Success In Multiple Areas Of Your Life.

The Kit Also Includes

✨White Sage And Floral Sage To Clear Negative Low Vibrating Energy That Can Be Slowing Down Your Manifestations As Energy Is Everything
✨Pyrite To Help You Attract More Wealth
✨Palo Santo Sticks To Help Invite Peace, Harmony And Prosperity Into Your Space
✨7 Knot 🪢 Red String Which Is Considered A Amulet Of Protection From Bad Energies And Health And Prosperity
✨Clear Quartz To Amplify The Energy Of The Each The Crystals
✨Gold $100 Bill Ancestor Money That You Will Keep In Your Wallet To Attract Money To You
✨Citrine To Help You Attract Success And Power As Well As Speed Up Your Money Manifestations
✨A Citrine Energy Bracelet
✨Feng Shui Coins To Add To Your Wallet For Prosperity
✨Feng Shui Bracelet To Allow You To Become A Magnet For Prosperity
✨Mini Crystal Lucky Buddah
✨Money Incense

✨A Affirmation Card To Help You Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind To Get In Alignment With Your Truest Most Prosperous Self!

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