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Our tumbled chakra collection is for any occasion such as healing, encouragement, inspiration, meditation, or just relaxation.
Chakra stones help to

- Heal and revitalizing your body, mind, and spirit
- Relieving stress and helping you to relax and calm down.
- Negating unwanted energy such as sadness, depression, hopelessness, anxiousness.
- Keeping your mind clear and focused
- Cultivating love and letting go.
- Improving creativity and imagination
- Amplifying and balancing the energy in you and in the room
- Gaining a stronger sense of self, consciousness, confidence, security, and power
- Balancing your chakra points 
- Maximizing your meditation sessions


The beauty and power of crystals and other stones have been long recognized. They were recognized not just for their beauty but also for their healing and spiritual power. Just like people, crystals have their own unique and specific vibration. It is highly believed that these vibrations have the same pitch as people. As a result, the healing crystal vibration is often used to relieve suffering and stress and the vibration from the person and crystal fights off vibration of illness and amplifies vibration of health. In recent times, not only people are turning to crystals to help cure their ailments but also to enhance and maintain optimal health.


Crown- Clear Quartz 

Third Eye-Amethyst 

Throat -Blue Aventurine 

Heart - Green Aventurine 

Solar Plexus- Citrine

Sacral -Carnelian 

Root - Hematite


We hand selected each stone for the best harmony and balance. They are individually inspected, recharged and cleansed. Securely packed before shipping assuring you or your loved one will love the experience.


**Includes 7 stones correlating to each Chakra.
Size and shape may vary from picture due to each stone being unique in color and form. Ethically and Naturally sourced**