Amethyst On Stand

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✨Amethyst Is Such A Great Crystal For Any Room In Your Home, Everyone Can Benefit From It’s Comforting 💆🏾‍♀️ And Relaxing 🧘🏾‍♀️Energy.

It Is Commonly Referred To As
“Nature’s Natural Tranquilizer.”
So It Is No Surprise It Is A Popular Bedroom Companion, It’s Said To Reduce Nightmares, Disturbed Sleep And Insomnia. It’s Important To Remember If You’re Very Sensitive, An Amethyst may Not Be The Best Crystal For Your Bedside. 🛌 This Is Because It Opens ✨Up Your Crown 👑Chakra. Whilst It Will Work To Unblock And Align Your Crown Chakra.


Amethyst Is Also A Great Deep Healer. ✨
It Works Hard To Show You Your Negative Behavior Patterns And Helps You Break The Cycle. It Also Is The Perfect Crystal To Work With For Any Type Of Addiction.


You Can Work With Your Amethyst, Telling It What You’ll Like Help With, Similar To A Prayer. It Might Feel Strange To Begin With But Once You’ve Done It Once Or Twice, You’ll Start Feeling And Seeing Results. ✨💜